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Uniform Orders

Important Uniform Information

1.  JERSEYS:  All North/Central/South members will need new jerseys this year.  Fees for these are added to your dues in your Sport Engine account.  All West members will need a uniform package. New membership at any location will receive practice shirts at one of the first practices.

2.  MANDATORY ITEMS:  Players MUST be in Nike head to toe for competition (i.e. tournaments).  There are no exceptions. This includes:  jersey, black spandex, warmup tops/bottoms, black kneepads, black socks and black shoes (Central/North/South) and white kneepads, white socks and white shoes (West).  Most opt for the bag (all returning members have the bag).  All of these items can be purchased on the online store.  

3.  SHOES:  You can wear ANY Nike shoe you choose (the shoe is a mandatory item for West members 13-18U in your uniform package).  We recommend and encourage having a new shoe each season for injury prevention.  The shoe offered on this order is the newest Nike volleyball shoe.

4.  BALLS:  All players need an INDOOR volleyball for practices and competition.  This ball must be approved for competition by USA Volleyball and/or AAU Volleyball.  (The balls will be stamped).  We recommend the Molten Super Touch (girls in 7th-12th grades), Molten VolleyLite (girls in 4th-6th grades) and the Molten Flistec (boys).

5.  PRACTICE SHIRTS:  If you are a new member, 2 practice shirts are provided in your dues.  If you are a returning member, or a new member who wants additional shirts, you can order addition shirts.  Order here around November 1.

North/Central/South Uniforms

West Uniform

Mandatory Items:

2 Jerseys, White Nike Shoes, Backpack, Warmup Jacket, Warmup Pants