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About Us

In 2014, Club Kace Volleyball Club and Powerhouse Volleyball Club joined forces to create Chicago Elite Volleyball Club. Club Kace was founded by Nicole Kacor, a Sports Performance Alumni, in 2005 to provide a Sports Performance-like program to girls on the south side of Chicago. Powerhouse was founded by Joel Anderson in 2004 to promote, educate and develop youth student-athletes throughout the Chicago area.

Chicago Elite has both a central location operating out of Quest Multisport Center in Chicago, a south location operating out of St. Nicholas Complex in Oak Lawn, as well as a north location at DePaul College Prep High School.  In our inaugural year, Chicago Elite boasts 37 teams, and a year-round Youth Academy with over 300 kids. In an effort to provide the right fit for each family, Chicago Elite offers a national and regional program in both their indoor and beach programs. 

Chicago Elite has a competitive boys’ program as well as a jammed packed summer camp schedule. The club prides itself on individual skill development. Chicago Elite’s goal is to train each of their players to play at the next level. Chicago Elite’s core values include discipline, hard work, team work, and commitment. Another important goal is to provide student-athletes with key skills to guide them in the game of volleyball as well as the game of life. 

Chicago Elite Youth Academy is in its second year of existence, and each year brings more growth.  Currently, the Volleyball Academy has a fall, winter and spring session and the club just introduced a VolleyTikes program this fall for 3-6 year olds.  Chicago Elite Youth Academy was also a founding member of the Mizuno Grand Prix Series. 

Chicago Elite Beach Club is in its 5th season and has over 150 boys and girls in the program in ages 10-18. Practices take place at Montrose Beach (north side) in Chicago.  

Chicago Elite is on track to continue to grow the sport in a positive way at the younger age groups, focusing on fundamental development within its Youth Academy. By building a strong fundamental base, the future is bright for this generation of Chicago Elite volleyball athletes.  Additionally, the club plans to expand their organization by adding Chicago Elite West.