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Volleyball Club Program Policies

Chicago Elite VBC, L.L.C. (hereinafter CE) is organized to encourage participation in and create a healthy environment for learning volleyball. This document states the obligations of the athletes, parents and/or guardians and our duty to you as participants. 


Practices are mandatory. We expect all athletes to attend practice unless they are ill or have a scheduled conflict. If you are unable to attend practice, the athlete must contact the coach. More than three (3) unexcused absences may result in suspension and/or termination of your participation in the program. Practice is intended to improve your skills. Our goal is to make you a better player and with that improve team play. We observe rules which are consistent with USA Volleyball (USAV) protocol including:

  1. Jewelry is prohibited;
  2. Make-up and nail polish will be removed for practice and competition
  3. Volleyball shoes will be worn inside the gym, and NEVER outside.

All athletes, ages 12-18, are allowed to miss 3 personal days per year to use as they see fit. These days are to be taken during Monday-Thursday, and not on Friday, Saturday or Sunday. To schedule a personal day, you MUST inform your coach a MINIMUM of 3 hours in advance of the practice.

Closed Practices

All practices are closed to the public, except for the first practice of each month, which will be open to parents to observe. Parents are welcome to sit away from the courts, but cannot be viewable to the athletes. We want our players to have the freedom to make mistakes and not feel like they are being watched over at all times.


All athletes are expected to make all National events, if applicable to your program. We ask that you do not take family vacations during these times in which will cause your son/daughter to miss practices or competition in preparation of these important events. It is unfair to a team when any member is missing for a prolonged period of time and team is preparing for an important competition. Teams will recognize breaks away from competition dates that will be posted on the website under practice schedules.


If/When we travel by air please wear appropriate attire. Team warm-ups will be acceptable. Bring your uniform with you on the plane in your carry on. When line-judging or at a playing site players should wear Powerhouse warm-ups, sweats or T’s – NO High School wear and NO college wear.


All athletes are required to pay for their respective team travel fees, which include the cost of team registrations, lodging, airfare (if applicable), ground transportation (if applicable), as well as staff accommodations and stipends. No person of the opposite sex is allowed in the rooms at anytime; including coaches, parents and any miscellaneous persons of the opposite gender. If there is an emergency, the coach or parent may enter as long as is accompanied by either the chaperone or another adult of the same gender of the players.

Notice:  a. Tournaments typically run from early morning until late afternoons. Players should remember to pack a healthy lunch, and are responsible for eating appropriately for an active day. Junk food is HIGHLY discouraged (and will probably be consumed by the coaches). b. All athletes must complete officiating duties prior to leaving an event. c. Parent contact will be limited at tournaments. Parents are prohibited from talking to coaches, officials, line judges and/or scorekeepers at tournaments. d. Curfew is STRICTLY enforced for the entire team. Failure to comply may result in dismissal from the tournament, and/or is subject to discipline set forth by the coach/Director. 

Failure to follow these policies will result in the athlete not being allowed to compete, dismissal from the program or event completely, and/or disciplinary action if the coach/administration deems it appropriate.