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Private Individual and Small Group Lessons

We will have small group lessons this July/August on the following weekends at Quest.  These lessons will be instructed by Joel Anderson, Nicole Kacor, Jaime Walters and others.

Dates for lessons will be:

 July  August
 July 6: 10-12PM  August 4:  5-7PM
 July 7: 5-7PM  August 17:  5-7PM (Saturday)
 July 13: 10-12PM  August 25:  5-7PM
 July 14: 5-7PM  
 July 27: 10-12PM  
 July 28: 5-7PM  


Lessons will be: 

Each lesson will be $30/1 hour or $50/2 hours.  Cash only.

Please contact Joel Anderson to sign up today!