Please note:  Girls tryouts will only be for new members of the club.  Returning members will have registration information sent to them around August 15, 2020.

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Training Fees

Upon registration, you will be charged $215.00, which includes a non refundable registration payment of $200.00 and a JVA insurance payment of $15.00. You will then be charged a monthly training fee on the 16th of each month, starting on September 16th. You will be charged consecutively for the number of months you sign up for during registration.  Please note it is not a “pay as you participate” program. Refunds will only be provided in the months of a government mandated shutdown.

Please see the below chart for the monthly fee per division.


GIRLS 13/14 FULL SEASON $185.00 per month 

GIRLS 10/11/12 FULL SEASON $145.00 per month

GIRLS SHORT SEASON $270.00 per month

BOYS ALL GROUPS $145.00 per month

A separate fee will charged for participating in local and national tournaments.  Local events will be billed at $35/day.  National & travel events will be billed based on the total cost of the trip split among members of the club participating.  Player accounts are billed one month in advance of respective tournaments.